Where to even start with this post? First, be sure to see this couple’s e-session Here if you have not already seen it. Brittany and Jarrod have been so gracious to us that I am sad their wedding is finally over! Once, sometimes twice a year we photograph a wedding where every element comes together perfectly for the optimal photographic experience. What all does that entail you ask? Perfect weather, great planners, great venue (location, location, location), and a couple who just knows how to rock the camera. This past weekend was one of those weddings. Brittany and Jarrod have always thought of their wedding day on the beach, sand between their toes, and surrounded by loved ones. Well, they almost got that….. They rented a beautiful beach house on Pensacola Beach and had everything planned except for hurricane Ike. Even though he went ashore in Texas on Friday night, the wind was just too high on the beach for an outside wedding here. Luckily, a close friend came to the rescue and offered her parents waterfront home just over the bridge in Gulf Breeze that turned out to be a phenomenal location. On top of everything I just mentioned, they decided to see each other before the wedding to ensure plenty of time for photos. These two know how to do it. Let me also say what an amazing job the ladies at Bliss Event Group did. If you are planning a wedding in the area, I promise you that their details are worth their weight in gold!

We started out with the ladies at that beautiful beach house they rented…Brittany’s mom gave her a beautiful card right before we got there.

Pink was the choice of toenail polish…..

That first meeting… LOVE IT

Any doubt Brittany loves her parents?

Beautiful florals by Kebbie Hollingsworth!

Brittany lost it when she saw the decor’……. Am I sensing a trend? 😉

Even the food coordinated with the decor’. That is fresh Grouper, Moroccan carrots, Asian string beans, and Jack Daniels skirt steak…..YUM

Brittany loves chocolate cupcakes and Jarrod loves cinnamon rolls…..I love the personalized touches!

We couldn’t resist that stormy night sky that was blowing under a full moon!

If you want to see even more, enjoy the show below!