Carillon 30A Wedding Photographer – While we cannot blog every wedding we photograph due to time constraints, I usually know within the first 5 minutes of starting someone’s wedding photography whether or not it will make it to the blog. It has a lot to do with the flow, the bride being ready on time, the location, the couple’s background, etc. I must say that this was probably one of the hardest weddings to blog in the history of our business. Narrowing down the photos that I wanted to use was nearly impossible. This was such a special day that I could have blogged nearly every photograph from this wedding and hope to never have to make a decision this hard again.

I met Angie and her mom when they were driving through Pensacola on their way to Carillon. We hit it off immediately and I knew she was our kind of client when she had several of our blog photos printed and added into her enormous wedding binder. Her favorite images were definitely some of our favorites. While we chatted, Angie told me about the proposal, her wedding ideas, and her fiance’s 7 year-old daughter. She had photos of all these things in that binder too.

Angie really beamed when she talked about Larry’s daughter. She had no reservations about becoming a step-mom to that sweet girl. Angie spoke so kindly and sweetly about this little girl who had lost her mom at a young age. You can imagine the tears when Larry’s daughter exclaimed “I want to dance with my mommy” and jumped into Angie’s arms. It was a day we’ll never forget. So many emotions, so many tears, and a bride who was just as amazing on the inside as she is on the outside. Please scroll down to enjoy Angie & Larry’s big day!

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One of our favorite things to capture is that first look when dad walks in the room for the first time after the dress is on. We are so glad we were there for this one. Angie’s dad was just delighted…She was absolutely stunning too..But we couldn’t let everyone see her just yet…She had to make a grand entrance!Larry knew how to work the camera too…Another amazing moment right before that big walk down the aisle….Tears all around….Followed by lots of joy…And some yawns….After the ring exchange, Angie gave her new daughter a special necklace …. that didn’t keep her from screaming “yuck” when they kissed though!The day came to an end with a beautiful sunset on the lake and another gorgeous Townsend Catering spread…Angie loves her bling bling and that cake was a perfect example of how much… it was fantastic and sparkley!The first dance was a family affair…And then dad for his turn….Then mom had us all crying again…We had lots of fun with the garter toss… Then Angie kept the dance floor moving by dragging her mom out for a special dance as well… And then another special dance between a daughter and her new mom…Finally, Angie is a big fan of the Carillon fountain, so we had some fun with it before they were whisked away in that beautiful Classic Packard Automobile.