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Some beautiful light, a field, and a glowing mom to be. There’s not much else to say except how much we loved this session! Maternity Photos 01Maternity Photos 02Maternity Photos 03Maternity Photos 04Maternity Photos 05Maternity Photos 06Maternity Photos 07Maternity Photos 08Maternity Photos 09Maternity Photos 10Maternity Photos 11Maternity Photos 12Maternity Photos 13Maternity Photos 14Maternity Photos 15Maternity Photos 16Maternity Photos 17


It’s always satisfying when we hear about a past wedding couple starting their family. It’s even more satisfying when they call us to be a part of it.  Angie and Tim were one of our gracious 2010 Carillon Weddings® couples, and they took Pastor Harry up on the offer he gives every couple during their ceremony to come back and have their precious baby Ruby baptized at the Carillon Meeting House.  We have been impatiently looking forward to this day since Angie contacted us back in February to see if we could come take photos of the ceremony and their family.  We were so happy we got to be a part of this special occasion.


One of the things we love about our job is seeing our wedding clients start a family of their own. Baby Brantley has some pretty awesome parents and grandparents who love him very much. Will and Amber were married in 2010, and we are so excited to see them take this step in their lives. We know Grandma Vicky and Grandpa Troy and going to spoil the dickens out of him too! Congrats to the whole family, and thanks for letting us capture his first week!


We’re going to backtrack to 2011 for a moment and blog Miss Kate. We love it when past wedding clients have babies, and getting a request to photograph baby Kate on our way through Miami last year was a special treat. Parents Tiffany and Rick got lots of attention on our blog a few years back for their stylish purple themed wedding. It was great seeing them again and we can’t wait until their next session.


Our beautiful nieces and nephews (cause we adopted them) are nine months old! Oh how time flies.  We went to Michigan recently to visit, play, and take their photographs.  It is really hard living so far away from this much cuteness, but these pics will make the next few months a little more bearable.

Here’s their original newborn photo from last October..

undefinedAnd here they are 9 months later!
undefinedAnderson is quite the ladies man….
undefinedHe’s also a deep thinker… handsome AND smart. He’s going to make one of our 3 girls very happy one day!
undefinedThis is his centerfold shot…
undefinedSweet little Sophie is the serious one, always examining the situation.  She’s just beautiful…
undefinedSweet little Mara is just a camera ham… She loves to smile and will eventually be the group leader.
undefinedHappy 9 month Birthday to one of our favorite families! Can’t wait to see you again soon 🙂


Hi everyone!

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I cannot believe how long t has been since this blog was updated. Shameful! We have been a little busy though.  Not only did we just have our busiest Fall season ever, the week before Christmas was the birth of our new twin girls, Saylor Elizabeth & Maggie Grace. Hopefully their cuteness below will cause you to forgive our temporary absence.  We promise lots of updates soon to go along with some awesome 2010 weddings still waiting to be blogged.  We owe a huge thanks to all of you for your kindness and support!


Our friends Cheryl & Nick recently welcomed the much anticipated baby Capri into the world. They are both outstanding colleagues in the local wedding industry, and we were so excited for them from the moment we found out Cheryl was pregnant. We are so happy for you two, and I’m sure everyone will agree that she is absolutely beautiful.


Let me show you the cutest, most adorable, handsome baby boy that takes after his Uncle Wes.  Ok, most of that was true.  Baby Dylan is almost 7 months old and we needed to have a photo session before he started crawling.  No cheek pinching on the blog please! We always ask Avery what color surprise she wants us to bring her when we go out of town if she’s good while we’re gone.  This time it was a yellow surprise from Las Vegas.  There’s not a lot of yellow “stuff” in Vegas, but we did manage to find this smiley face lollipop.  We didn’t know baby Dylan was going to love it so much too when Avery wanted to get in the picture with him!
Waz up?


We have been very bad bloggers lately. Please forgive us! We have so many non-wedding sessions that need to be blogged and I hope all of our clients forgive us for not blogging them so far!

I hope this post of Baby Natalie makes up for our blog-slacking! Boy, this kid is cute. Her daddy is really going to be beating the boys off of her in about 15 years. Natalie’s parents came into our lives in 2005 when they booked us for their April Fool’s Day wedding for the following year. We have been friends ever since! They were blessed Natalie on New Year’s Day of this year. Apparently, they only do things on holidays! I was so thrilled to do some studio photos with this amazingly cute 9-month old. I have decided that 9 months is my absolute favorite age to photograph. They are fun, moving, and crawling, but not too fast! Tell me what you think of Baby Natalie….I bet you can’t look just once!

pensacola BABY photography_02

I think I see this one as a big ole canvas!
pensacola BABY photography_03

Bribing with puffs works wonders.
pensacola BABY photography_04

Too many puffs…not enough mouth space.
pensacola BABY photography_05

This one cracks me up! Natalie has been sticking that tongue out since day 1. I had to catch one shot of it!
pensacola BABY photography_06

Pretty ladies!! Natalie is so lucky to have such a great mommy!
pensacola BABY photography_07


How about starting your holiday weekend with something a little cheerful? 🙂 We recently had a chance to photograph this beautiful family and we’ll start with little Victoria. She was a little shy at first, but you put a little tutu on her with a cute little hat and WHAM! Instant celebrity!

pensacola baby portraits_01
pensacola baby portraits_02

This is where it gets better…. Victoria is the big sister to two twin brothers! She really loves them in case you couldn’t tell.
pensacola baby portraits_03
pensacola baby portraits_04
pensacola baby portraits_05
How sweet is this?
pensacola baby portraits_06
pensacola baby portraits_07


We got to see our new nephew again last weekend to give him a newborn session. Before you ask, yes, he IS as sweet as he looks. Uncle Wesley cannot wait until he is big enough to go boating with Avery.

mobile baby photos_01

mobile baby photos_02

mobile baby photos_03

mobile baby photos_04


We are so excited to announce our new nephew Dylan! It is the first baby for Wesley’s sister Sara and her husband Derek. Rae got the opportunity to be in the room and photograph most of the excitement. Please indulge us while we post this for all of our friends and family to see. There is nothing graphic here, so feel free to enjoy the slideshow if you love babies.

We did Sara a maternity session about 4 weeks ago. This was before her belly got big hehe…..
Avery loves her new baby cousin!
Enjoy the slideshow Wesley put together, but I must warn you to have tissue handy…..


How about some baby love to start your Thursday? This beautiful girl belongs to one of our previous wedding clients and she is beyond perfect. Welcome to the world baby P!







Well, believe it or not we are not MIA. We decided to take our last weekend off before several weddings and go to Atlanta. Wesley’s cousin Melanie and her husband Danny had their beautiful baby a couple of months ago, so we spent some time with them for some photos of that handsome fella. We also did an engagement shoot with a fantastic couple getting married in Destin next Spring that will be posted soon. Here’s a look at the beautiful Ashton.

Have you ever seen a two-month old with such bright blue eyes??

Ashton’s eyebrows are so expressive!

Four generations here…..


So everyone hum the theme to “Where in the World is Matt Lauer” while we go through this new REALLY long post. What a week… The map below is just a sample of where we’ve been and why the blogging is so far behind. Grab a coke, some popcorn, and let’s dive in eh?

Monday was an awesome engagement session that will be coming soon, but not just yet….

Tuesday was a great afternoon down at Henderson Beach in South Walton County with the talented Alison Bynum who is a fantastic photographer in the Nashville, TN, area. Alison was vacationing with her mom, brother and her beautiful baby Norah who is 14 months old. Dad was on a mission trip oversees, but I’m sure he will appreciate a brand new photo of his two girls when he returns…

Alison was also gracious enough to do some shots of the Leytham family in return. Here’s a little collage…

Thanks for dinner Alison! Call us next time!

Wednesday was a family shoot at Pensacola Beach that is on the “To Blog” list

Thursday was probably one of our favorite weddings of all time with Erin & Eric. There will be a lot more on this soon….

After our wedding Thursday, we left for Atlanta at midnight due to a meeting at noon on Friday. My appreciation to the Holiday Inn Express for letting us check in early at 6:30AM for 4 hours of sleep. While in Atlanta, Wes’ cousin Melanie and her husband Danny are expecting a baby boy soon, so it was a perfect time for a maternity session. We headed over to their townhome in the Sandy Springs area Friday afternoon and had a great time… You look beautiful Mel. Can’t wait for the newborn session too!

Saturday was a dash back to the Baytowne Wharf area of Sandestin for a shoot with the Dohman family from Louisiana. The Dohman’s are celebrating their 50th anniversary this week by having all of the kids and grandkids join them for some fun and sun. Here is a sample for them to hold them over until they return home….

How precious is this little one at 8 weeks old?

This week involves two more trips to Destin and one to Gulf Shores. Stay tuned for more 😉


It has already been 3 months since little Victoria had her last photo session and boy I mean girl has she grown. It’s amazing how much babies grow in just 3 months. Here are a couple from her recent session. You can see the first one from February here