When you have small children at the beach, sometimes their priorities are not your priorities. They don’t want to sit and smile, they want to play, and laugh, and do what little kids do. This was one of our favorite sessions of the summer. It was spontaneous, it was playful, and we had a great time chasing this little handsome dude around the beach doing what all two year old’s do while his baby sister played with mom and dad.  If you have small children, the best thing you can do to prepare for your photo session is show up without expectations. These parents are going to relive these great memories for years to come! 30a photographer 050

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Santa Rosa Beach Photographers: We absolutely adore all of the wonder families we’re meeting this year for beach portrait sessions, and this one was definitely no different.  They were vacationing in the Destin area and were more than eager to have their photos taken this summer.  One of my favorite things about this session was their clothing choices.  The shades of aqua, navy, and white were absolutely beautiful for photos with our blue skies and emerald green water.  Notice the patterns on the little ones dresses too. Take note that it’s fun to coordinate your clothing without matching.

These kids were fantastic too with cute little smiles and giggles to match.  Just like all of our sessions, we like to get the portraits out of the way first and then give everyone time to play for fun photos at the end.  It was just a beautiful afternoon and we are so happy that this family will have these photos for generations to come!  If you’re vacationing in the Santa Rosa Beach / Destin / 30A areas, be sure to contact us for your family session!

Santa Rosa Beach PhotographerSanta Rosa Beach PhotographerSanta Rosa Beach PhotographerSanta Rosa Beach PhotographerSanta Rosa Beach PhotographerDestin FL PhotographerDestin FL PhotographerDestin FL PhotographerDestin FL PhotographerDestin FL PhotographerDestin FL PhotographerDestin FL PhotographerDestin FL Photographer


Destin Beach Photographers: One of the best parts of our job is getting to meet great people and this family was no exception. Living in Texas, this was their first visit to Destin and also the first time these adorable one year old twins had been photographed professionally.  When they contacted us about their beach portraits, we knew immediately that we were going to be a great fit.  We arrived in time to get to know the kids and then started a hour of fun chasing these two cuties around and capturing their first trip to the beach.

If you’ve been dreaming about that huge wall canvas of your family on the beach, this is the time of year to do it. Maybe some large photos of the kids hanging above the sofa too?  We still have some limited availability for beach photos in July and August, so don’t wait to book your own session. These are memories you’ll cherish for years to come.

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Pensacola – Destin Photographer:

We first met the Brown family in 2010 when we took their family portraits and have stayed in touch since, so when they contacted us again last month for another session before the military moves them overseas, of course we said yes!  When they mentioned that they wanted a relaxed beach photo session involving the other member of their family (aka “the boat”), I think Wes nearly flew out of his chair with excitement. Destin and Pensacola have a wonderful boating community and it’s almost a way of life on the Gulf Coast.  When we’re not working, you can find us on the water ourselves, so it was insanely fun to capture that love of boating for another family.  It ended up being a little cooler than we expected for a Spring Break week, but the kids bundled up and were a delight to play with while we captured all of their fun at their favorite spots. One thing we love about boating is getting to go to the places that no one else can reach by car, so it gave us plenty of room for silliness. If you are interested in a lifestyle photo session like this for your family, feel free to contact us. We’d love to help!

Destin Family PhotographerDestin Family PhotographerDestin Family PhotographerDestin Family PhotographerDestin Family Photographer30A Photographer30A Photographer30A PhotographerBoat PhotographerPensacola PhotographerPensacola PhotographerPensacola PhotographerPensacola PhotographerFamily Beach PhotographerFamily Beach PhotographerBoat PhotographerBoat Photographer


How about a non-wedding post for a change! We had a great time recently with this beautiful senior and her sweet pooch. It’s a great time of the year for a senior portrait session. Contact us for more information!

Caroline and Kent were married last Fall at the beautiful Henderson Inn near Destin. We knew from the minute we arrived that it was going to be a great day. Caroline was amazingly sweet and just happy to be in that moment of being a bride. We had a lot of fun watching her and Kent both soak up every bit of the day they could with a range of emotions that make us love what what we do. The weather was a little challenging with a blustery wind and some unexpected rain, but it added for a little excitement which included a stellar sunset and rainbow to finish the day. The Henderson Inn is a great place for weddings with a beautiful location and delicious food served by a top notch staff.

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There’s nothing better than precious flower girls that like to be involved in the process…
and close friends who are there for you at the most important times.

Sometimes the unexpected elements make the best shots..

Weddings can be exhausting….

Immediately following the ceremony, Kent led Caroline off to the side and had their own moment that we were ecstatic to capture…

Caroline’s happiness flooded her with tears… I think I welled up a little along with her.

The wind decided to try and steal her beautiful veil, but Kent was on it!

Yes, that rainbow was FANTASTIC
and so was that sunset!