Fairhope Wedding Photographer: Any time we get to shoot at the Grand Hotel in Point Clear it’s special, but a nice bridal shoot is always our favorite.  In case you’re wondering, it’s a Southern thing y’all.  Wedding days can get a little hectic, the weather’s not always perfect, and the time of day for portraits isn’t always optimal.  When we do bridal portraits weeks before the wedding, we can control all of that a bit more.  We start closer to sunset than you would on your wedding day for that late afternoon golden light and take the time to play play play for some really beautiful shots!  Christie was just stunning in her beautiful dress and it was so much fun doing a trial run before her wedding day which we will have some sneak peeks of very soon.  I hope you enjoy these as much as we did taking them!Grand Hotel Point ClearGrand Hotel Point Clear WeddingGrand Hotel Point ClearPoint Clear WeddingFairhope Wedding Photographer Grand Hotel Point Clear WeddingGrand Hotel WeddingBridal PortraitsAlabama Bridal PortraitsAlabama Wedding

It is with great excitement that we can finally share with you a beautiful bridal portrait session we photographed last week. Jodie and David said their “I do’s” this past Saturday, but we had the opportunity to take her in her beautiful dress to Ft. Pickens a week before the wedding to take some jaw dropping formal photographs.



The only thing better than a good bridal session is a bride who allows us to think outside the box to make her photos unique. Brandy was just that bride.  The minute she mentioned having her session at Fort Pickens, we knew it was going to be a great opportunity to do something a little different and create some stunning, artistic images.  Fort Pickens is a local landmark that is nearly two centuries old.  Geronimo was actually imprisoned there from 1886-1887, and it’s history can be felt the minute you enter its passageways.  We had a blast, and she was such a trooper about staying calm while having her dress around all that dirt 3 weeks before her wedding.

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We have been itching…. ITCHING to show these for about 3 weeks now.  Lauren and Marc tied the knot this past weekend, so we can finally post some of her beautiful bridal session photos.  These were actually taken on two different days in two completely different locations, the last with her horse Warrior.  We’ll have a quick preview of their wedding soon, so enjoy these for now!

Dress| Bridal Loft Pensacola

The first session was photographed in South Walton County at some of their amazing venues:

This session was photographed on her parent’s farm.  It was a brilliantly sunny afternoon and the lighting was amazing….. Warrior was a little grouchy, but Lauren comforted him very well.


Amber & Will finally tied the know so I can share a few of Amber’s Bridals! I better throw in the Engagements too since I never blogged them.

I LOVE the setting of these engagement photos!! Don’t you wish your parents’ yard looked this awesome?

Amber looked amazing for her bridals!! Stunning, actually. We did some nice, classic portraits with her nice pretty up-do and then she let her hair down….literally.


You may remember Maggie from her sneak peek with Brian last week on her January 2, 2010 wedding. What I didn’t share with you yet is that Maggie and Brian are pilots. Brian is a “Coastie” (Coast Guard), but Maggie and her dad are both Navy pilots. When she mentioned doing her bridal session at the NAS Pensacola museum, we said “Um Yeah”! There is nothing finer than a beautiful bride next to a military plane. We hope you like the results as much as we did!


We got a phone call a few months back from our friend Melissa at Masterpiece Weddings in Gainesville. Her best friend from Houston was coming to our beautiful beaches for her wedding, and Melissa knew we would all have a great time working together. The weather that week was horrible, but we had a some divine intervention and got an hour of dryness right around the ceremony. We had a really great time, and really enjoyed our afternoon with everyone!

061209_01Gotta love some Jimmy Choo…

061209_02I love this shot… Lauri can do serious well.


This is their son Jaxson who loved mom’s bouquet…..


He also loved all of the water puddles!




Now that is Melissa on the right.  She played Maid of Honor and officiant that day.  They are hilarious!


We crossed the very busy road from their rental house to the beach… the look says it all 🙂


Melissa did a beautiful job with these…..


Love those clouds…. I can stare at this and almost feel the stormy breeze blowing through my hair again.



Now beach weddings can be a lot of fun with your friends…..


Until somebody gets hurt!




They finished with a nice dinner at the beautiful Bistro Bijoux in Baytown Wharf…..


Destin Wedding Photographer


Maggie, you look GORGEOUS in these….. Hope you like your preview 🙂



Here’s a special post for the week. Justine is getting married in Fairhope soon, with reception following at the Grand Hotel in Point Clear, AL. We took the opportunity for a bridal session with her last week while she was in town tying up some of those loose ends before the wedding. We love bridal sessions because it really gives us a chance to go above and beyond what we usually have time for on the actual wedding day. The Grand Hotel is just a beautiful place, and there’s not really much more I can say about it. Justine was stunning in her dress and is going to make a beautiful bride very soon.



What can we say about this family? They are just fantastic. We first met them last February when we photographed Jim and Mary’s wedding in Foley, AL. Adrienne is Jim’s big sister, and we were thrilled when she called us in June for a Key West wedding. It means a lot when we get sibling’s weddings because it means a family was totally satisfied with our previous work. Rae and I spent part of our honeymoon in Key West, and we were really looking forward to a road trip again which is always an adventure with us (I’m happiest on a plane or a long car trip). Key West also hosts an international sailing regatta every January which I participated in a few times, so I know every place to exploit on the island for good food and fun. Clearing throat and moving on……

Adrienne and Damon met in San Diego where they currently reside. Damon is in the military and Adrienne is currently in law school. They both lived on boats at the same marina (key to my heart) and their relationship grew from there. This marina must be a tight communtity because even some of their neighbors made it to the wedding. Funny thing is that Adrienne lived on a sailboat the first two years of her life as well. Her mom’s exact words were, “we couldn’t afford a house and a boat, so we chose the boat”. Adrienne’s dad is a lucky man! Anywho, they chose their wedding to be at the Reach Resort in Key West just 3 or 4 blocks from the southernmost point of the US. It was a beautiful afternoon, and with Damon’s family being from Maryland, they especially enjoyed the warm weather. The reception was held on the west end of the island at the A&B Lobster House overlooking the Key West harbor. I have never had better food and the staff went out of their way to accommodate everyone including us. Let’s get started…

If anyone needs a professional steamer, Adrienne’s mom is an expert!


Beautiful dress detail……



I have those kind of hair days too!


Good looking groom…..


A Beautiful bride….


Dad was working off some tension before the big walk….


Some island florals….


90 miles on the other side of this pier if the Island of Cuba…. on this day, this was the southernmost wedding in the United States.



Some island details….



Damon got so emotional…. it was really sweet



A quick shot of the whole group!






Now, they did have a traditional wedding cake, but I am showing one of the two desserts that also came with dinner. This was a chocolate torte, and I guarantee it was the best thing you will ever eat.


Jim and Mary having fun…. Jim is a sports photographer and has a great gig working with Auburn University.


They were whisked away at the end of the night back to the resort. My thanks to whomever flashed behind them for this great parting shot! I need to offer them a job 🙂


We had so much fun everyone! Call us when the first grandchild is born!


So Erin and Eric came all the way down from Ohio for a beautiful afternoon wedding on Pensacola Beach. We had such a blast with these two. They knew from the beginning how important photography was to them, and we are so glad they chose us. They actually factored in over an hour after the ceremony just so we could play and make lots of pictures before dinner and wedding cake at the Portofino Resort.. Their family was superb, and I can say it was probably one of the most relaxed, intimate weddings we have photographed. Our thanks to everyone there for being such a joy to be around. Here are just a few of the many to come soon…….


So everyone hum the theme to “Where in the World is Matt Lauer” while we go through this new REALLY long post. What a week… The map below is just a sample of where we’ve been and why the blogging is so far behind. Grab a coke, some popcorn, and let’s dive in eh?

Monday was an awesome engagement session that will be coming soon, but not just yet….

Tuesday was a great afternoon down at Henderson Beach in South Walton County with the talented Alison Bynum who is a fantastic photographer in the Nashville, TN, area. Alison was vacationing with her mom, brother and her beautiful baby Norah who is 14 months old. Dad was on a mission trip oversees, but I’m sure he will appreciate a brand new photo of his two girls when he returns…

Alison was also gracious enough to do some shots of the Leytham family in return. Here’s a little collage…

Thanks for dinner Alison! Call us next time!

Wednesday was a family shoot at Pensacola Beach that is on the “To Blog” list

Thursday was probably one of our favorite weddings of all time with Erin & Eric. There will be a lot more on this soon….

After our wedding Thursday, we left for Atlanta at midnight due to a meeting at noon on Friday. My appreciation to the Holiday Inn Express for letting us check in early at 6:30AM for 4 hours of sleep. While in Atlanta, Wes’ cousin Melanie and her husband Danny are expecting a baby boy soon, so it was a perfect time for a maternity session. We headed over to their townhome in the Sandy Springs area Friday afternoon and had a great time… You look beautiful Mel. Can’t wait for the newborn session too!

Saturday was a dash back to the Baytowne Wharf area of Sandestin for a shoot with the Dohman family from Louisiana. The Dohman’s are celebrating their 50th anniversary this week by having all of the kids and grandkids join them for some fun and sun. Here is a sample for them to hold them over until they return home….

How precious is this little one at 8 weeks old?

This week involves two more trips to Destin and one to Gulf Shores. Stay tuned for more 😉


This beautiful young woman came in from Texas recently for her bridal session at Baytown Wharf in San Destin. I cannot recommend this location enough for an engagement session as well. We just played around and had a great time for an hour before a really nice dinner with Brooke and her mom Terri. She and Tim will be getting married next month at the San Destin Hilton, with planning by the awesome ladies at “It’s a Shore Thing“. This should be quite the event! Stay tuned.

Brooke gave us the ok to post a few. I think Tim has his orders 🙂