We did not take many Christmas family sessions this year due to our travels and some much needed down time, but we were glad to have this guy in front of our lens. Not only is he one cute client, but he’s also a new model with the Beaufort Bonnet Company. It’s Christmas #2 for him, and his new best four legged friend Nala is happy to be part of the family this year.

Mobile photographer 01

Mobile photographer 03

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Mobile photographer 06


When you have small children at the beach, sometimes their priorities are not your priorities. They don’t want to sit and smile, they want to play, and laugh, and do what little kids do. This was one of our favorite sessions of the summer. It was spontaneous, it was playful, and we had a great time chasing this little handsome dude around the beach doing what all two year old’s do while his baby sister played with mom and dad.  If you have small children, the best thing you can do to prepare for your photo session is show up without expectations. These parents are going to relive these great memories for years to come! 30a photographer 050

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What’s cuter than a baby turning one? How about two cousins turning one just days apart… Ty and Walt are two cute cousins, and their parents didn’t disappoint when it came to props and outfits to they chose for this adorable 1st birthday shoot. We have been photographing this family since their parents were married two years ago, and it’s so much fun to watch them grow. We headed over to Mobile for their shoots and had a great time playing with these handsome boys. Alabama Photographer 001Alabama Photographer 002Alabama Photographer 003Alabama Photographer 004Alabama Photographer 005Alabama Photographer 006Alabama Photographer 007Alabama Photographer 008Alabama Photographer 009Alabama Photographer 010Alabama Photographer 011Alabama Photographer 012Alabama Photographer 013Alabama Photographer 014Alabama Photographer 015Alabama Photographer 016Alabama Photographer 017Alabama Photographer 018Alabama Photographer 019


Mobile, AL Photographer

Some beautiful light, a field, and a glowing mom to be. There’s not much else to say except how much we loved this session! Maternity Photos 01Maternity Photos 02Maternity Photos 03Maternity Photos 04Maternity Photos 05Maternity Photos 06Maternity Photos 07Maternity Photos 08Maternity Photos 09Maternity Photos 10Maternity Photos 11Maternity Photos 12Maternity Photos 13Maternity Photos 14Maternity Photos 15Maternity Photos 16Maternity Photos 17


Santa Rosa Beach Photographers: We absolutely adore all of the wonder families we’re meeting this year for beach portrait sessions, and this one was definitely no different.  They were vacationing in the Destin area and were more than eager to have their photos taken this summer.  One of my favorite things about this session was their clothing choices.  The shades of aqua, navy, and white were absolutely beautiful for photos with our blue skies and emerald green water.  Notice the patterns on the little ones dresses too. Take note that it’s fun to coordinate your clothing without matching.

These kids were fantastic too with cute little smiles and giggles to match.  Just like all of our sessions, we like to get the portraits out of the way first and then give everyone time to play for fun photos at the end.  It was just a beautiful afternoon and we are so happy that this family will have these photos for generations to come!  If you’re vacationing in the Santa Rosa Beach / Destin / 30A areas, be sure to contact us for your family session!

Santa Rosa Beach PhotographerSanta Rosa Beach PhotographerSanta Rosa Beach PhotographerSanta Rosa Beach PhotographerSanta Rosa Beach PhotographerDestin FL PhotographerDestin FL PhotographerDestin FL PhotographerDestin FL PhotographerDestin FL PhotographerDestin FL PhotographerDestin FL PhotographerDestin FL Photographer


Destin Beach Photographers: One of the best parts of our job is getting to meet great people and this family was no exception. Living in Texas, this was their first visit to Destin and also the first time these adorable one year old twins had been photographed professionally.  When they contacted us about their beach portraits, we knew immediately that we were going to be a great fit.  We arrived in time to get to know the kids and then started a hour of fun chasing these two cuties around and capturing their first trip to the beach.

If you’ve been dreaming about that huge wall canvas of your family on the beach, this is the time of year to do it. Maybe some large photos of the kids hanging above the sofa too?  We still have some limited availability for beach photos in July and August, so don’t wait to book your own session. These are memories you’ll cherish for years to come.

Destin Beach PhotographerDestin Family PhotographerDestin PhotographersRosemary Beach PhotographersPensacola PhotographersPensacola Beach PhotographersGulf Shores PhotographersOrange Beach PhotographerDestin PhotographerFamily Beach PhotosDestin Beach PhotographerDestin Family PhotographerDestin PhotographerDestin PhotographersDestin Beach Photographer


It’s always satisfying when we hear about a past wedding couple starting their family. It’s even more satisfying when they call us to be a part of it.  Angie and Tim were one of our gracious 2010 Carillon Weddings® couples, and they took Pastor Harry up on the offer he gives every couple during their ceremony to come back and have their precious baby Ruby baptized at the Carillon Meeting House.  We have been impatiently looking forward to this day since Angie contacted us back in February to see if we could come take photos of the ceremony and their family.  We were so happy we got to be a part of this special occasion.


Pensacola – Destin Photographer:

We first met the Brown family in 2010 when we took their family portraits and have stayed in touch since, so when they contacted us again last month for another session before the military moves them overseas, of course we said yes!  When they mentioned that they wanted a relaxed beach photo session involving the other member of their family (aka “the boat”), I think Wes nearly flew out of his chair with excitement. Destin and Pensacola have a wonderful boating community and it’s almost a way of life on the Gulf Coast.  When we’re not working, you can find us on the water ourselves, so it was insanely fun to capture that love of boating for another family.  It ended up being a little cooler than we expected for a Spring Break week, but the kids bundled up and were a delight to play with while we captured all of their fun at their favorite spots. One thing we love about boating is getting to go to the places that no one else can reach by car, so it gave us plenty of room for silliness. If you are interested in a lifestyle photo session like this for your family, feel free to contact us. We’d love to help!

Destin Family PhotographerDestin Family PhotographerDestin Family PhotographerDestin Family PhotographerDestin Family Photographer30A Photographer30A Photographer30A PhotographerBoat PhotographerPensacola PhotographerPensacola PhotographerPensacola PhotographerPensacola PhotographerFamily Beach PhotographerFamily Beach PhotographerBoat PhotographerBoat Photographer


Nothing pleases us more than seeing our past wedding clients starting a family of their own, and Rich and Hannalore are no exception. It’s hard to believe that their wedding was four years ago already! When they had friends in town from Ohio this summer, we did a combined maternity and beach session for them and their friends on a beautiful summer afternoon. Congrats to them for the recent birth of their beautiful baby boy!


One of the things we love about our job is seeing our wedding clients start a family of their own. Baby Brantley has some pretty awesome parents and grandparents who love him very much. Will and Amber were married in 2010, and we are so excited to see them take this step in their lives. We know Grandma Vicky and Grandpa Troy and going to spoil the dickens out of him too! Congrats to the whole family, and thanks for letting us capture his first week!


We’re going to backtrack to 2011 for a moment and blog Miss Kate. We love it when past wedding clients have babies, and getting a request to photograph baby Kate on our way through Miami last year was a special treat. Parents Tiffany and Rick got lots of attention on our blog a few years back for their stylish purple themed wedding. It was great seeing them again and we can’t wait until their next session.


Some of you might recognize Farmer Michael. Not only is he an up and coming farmer, he’s rising on the photography scene as well. He’s been quite a help to us over the past year at weddings while graciously handling some behind-the-scenes dirty work we’ve thrown his way from time to time. We love Michael because he just “gets it”.  He’s humble, he loves photography, and he’s always working hard to improve his skills. When he asked if we could do a shoot with him, his wife Laurel, and the whole family at Green Cedars Farm, we couldn’t resist. This is the family farm owned by Laurel’s dad, and it’s a great place to have access to. They have everything from horses and sheep, to cows and chickens. Michael is turning into quite a bee farmer with his new bees as well. We had a great time with them recently and loved seeing the animals as always… Enjoy!

These little piggies are the newest addition to the farm. They’re sort of cute…

Things don’t always go as planned… This is Santa Goat, and he wanted his photo taken too!
The whole Newman family!
Michael loves all of his hot chicks…


We don’t have to time to blog all of the family sessions we shoot, but we thought this was the perfect time to throw one in the mix.  Our friend Lucy was vacationing recently in the Sandestin area, and we had the opportunity to catch up with her and meet her family.  You see, Lucy graduated with Wes back in 19xx, (cough cough), and they were friends starting all the way back in the 3rd grade.  Yep, they even wore the same marching band uniform at one time along with Rae. We had not seen Lucy since graduating high school, but we were glad to finally catch up and meet this awesome family.

The boys were quite handsome and very entertaining….


Little Ava will have plenty of protection with those two big brothers!undefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefined


It’s been WAY too long we posted a baby session. So, here you go! This is my second time photographing Callie and I can’t believe how big she is since I saw her 8 months ago. She is a sweetie and was such a good sport in the muggy July heat!


Our friends Cheryl & Nick recently welcomed the much anticipated baby Capri into the world. They are both outstanding colleagues in the local wedding industry, and we were so excited for them from the moment we found out Cheryl was pregnant. We are so happy for you two, and I’m sure everyone will agree that she is absolutely beautiful.


We have been very bad bloggers lately. Please forgive us! We have so many non-wedding sessions that need to be blogged and I hope all of our clients forgive us for not blogging them so far!

I hope this post of Baby Natalie makes up for our blog-slacking! Boy, this kid is cute. Her daddy is really going to be beating the boys off of her in about 15 years. Natalie’s parents came into our lives in 2005 when they booked us for their April Fool’s Day wedding for the following year. We have been friends ever since! They were blessed Natalie on New Year’s Day of this year. Apparently, they only do things on holidays! I was so thrilled to do some studio photos with this amazingly cute 9-month old. I have decided that 9 months is my absolute favorite age to photograph. They are fun, moving, and crawling, but not too fast! Tell me what you think of Baby Natalie….I bet you can’t look just once!

pensacola BABY photography_02

I think I see this one as a big ole canvas!
pensacola BABY photography_03

Bribing with puffs works wonders.
pensacola BABY photography_04

Too many puffs…not enough mouth space.
pensacola BABY photography_05

This one cracks me up! Natalie has been sticking that tongue out since day 1. I had to catch one shot of it!
pensacola BABY photography_06

Pretty ladies!! Natalie is so lucky to have such a great mommy!
pensacola BABY photography_07


There are many family sessions that we never have the chance to post here on the blog, but here is a recent family session I’m sure you will adore! I wanted to post this and remind everyone that the time to mail Christmas cards is less than 2 months away!! Be sure to schedule your photo session soon if you are interested in Christmas photo cards this year.


How about starting your holiday weekend with something a little cheerful? 🙂 We recently had a chance to photograph this beautiful family and we’ll start with little Victoria. She was a little shy at first, but you put a little tutu on her with a cute little hat and WHAM! Instant celebrity!

pensacola baby portraits_01
pensacola baby portraits_02

This is where it gets better…. Victoria is the big sister to two twin brothers! She really loves them in case you couldn’t tell.
pensacola baby portraits_03
pensacola baby portraits_04
pensacola baby portraits_05
How sweet is this?
pensacola baby portraits_06
pensacola baby portraits_07


Ok, I think the question we get the most when we show up at a wedding is “Where’s that baby of yours today?” Sooooo….. here’s a little Avery update for you all. She is getting so big now! Potty training is almost a complete success, and so is this tricycle Aunt Sara bought her for her birthday. She is finally getting strong enough to pedal. She is soooo sweet that sometimes Rae and I look at each other and wonder if she really belongs to us. Then we get the temper tantrums and blame it on the other one’s genes. Needless to say, we’re gonna keep her for a little while longer. Until the teenage years anyway. This is a little series of her trike riding yesterday. She was just starting to get the hang of it, so I grabbed the camera and snapped a few. There is no photoshop trick here with the sun beams. That was all natural light filtering down brilliantly from the sky. It was beautiful!