Pensacola – Destin Photographer:

We first met the Brown family in 2010 when we took their family portraits and have stayed in touch since, so when they contacted us again last month for another session before the military moves them overseas, of course we said yes!  When they mentioned that they wanted a relaxed beach photo session involving the other member of their family (aka “the boat”), I think Wes nearly flew out of his chair with excitement. Destin and Pensacola have a wonderful boating community and it’s almost a way of life on the Gulf Coast.  When we’re not working, you can find us on the water ourselves, so it was insanely fun to capture that love of boating for another family.  It ended up being a little cooler than we expected for a Spring Break week, but the kids bundled up and were a delight to play with while we captured all of their fun at their favorite spots. One thing we love about boating is getting to go to the places that no one else can reach by car, so it gave us plenty of room for silliness. If you are interested in a lifestyle photo session like this for your family, feel free to contact us. We’d love to help!

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