We had the pleasure of being in St Augustine recently to photograph this beautiful couple. A St Augustine Wedding has been one of our goals for a while and we cannot wait to be there again. We heard wonderful things about The White Room going into this wedding, and we could not agree more with the positive reviews. Not only was the venue gorgeous, the staff was professional and extremely nice, and the streets around downtown St. Augustine were perfect for taking wedding photos. We owe a huge thank you to the White Room for making our job easy, and our awesome couple for being so open to our vision and allowing us to capture their day. They gave us plenty of time to get great photos and it really allowed us to create some magic through the camera. St Augustine Wedding 01St Augustine Wedding 02St Augustine Wedding 03St Augustine Wedding 04St Augustine Wedding 05St Augustine Wedding 06St Augustine Wedding 08St Augustine Wedding 09St Augustine Wedding 10St Augustine Wedding 11St Augustine Wedding 12St Augustine Wedding 13St Augustine Wedding 14St Augustine Wedding 15St Augustine Wedding 16St Augustine Wedding 17St Augustine Wedding 18St Augustine Wedding 19St Augustine Wedding 20St Augustine Wedding 21St Augustine Wedding 22St Augustine Wedding 23St Augustine Wedding 24St Augustine Wedding 25
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