Lara contacted us just a couple weeks before her wedding. She had a friend scheduled to shoot her wedding, but the friend had a family emergency and wouldn’t be able to make the trip to her wedding. Lara was so calm about it all and just knew it would all work out. We were so glad we were available so We made the trip to Baton Rouge to photograph at the gorgeous Houmas House plantation on the bank of the Mississippi River. We have heard all about this amazing place from several clients and photographers. We were thrilled when we walked in the gates!

The stunning bride found her gown in New York and just may be featured on Say Yes to the Dress….we’ll have to wait and see! But, she’s not just pretty….she’s talented too. Check out those amazing boutonnieres! Lara made those and she did most of the table details. Who knew burlap, lace, and cotton would look so amazing together.  The cake (you know we tried it) was soooo good.  The beautiful cakes made a long trip all the way from Pensacola to Baton Rouge.  It’s always a pleasure to have a Betty Weber cake and super exciting to have one in Baton Rouge!

houmas house wedding

houmas house wedding

houmas house wedding

houmas house wedding

houmas house wedding

houmas house photographer

houmas house photography

houmas house wedding photographer

houmas house wedding


Where do we even start with this one? Sara and Jonathan are an amazing couple and it seems like we go way back. Sara first contacted us back in 2008, and we kept in touch while they explored all options for their wedding date. Sara is quite the photographer herself, and she was looking for one that was a little less traditional than most in Mobile. We hit it off from the beginning and knew her wedding was going to be fantastic. Jonathan proposed in New Orleans, so we were more than excited to go to the Big Easy for an engagement session with them last Fall. It was a beautiful afternoon, so we took advantage of the weather and had a great time waling the French Quarter. One thing we love about Mobile (we both grew up there) is how much the downtown area resembles New Orleans. For their wedding this past May, they chose a beautiful location in the heart of Mobile that really has that French Quarter feel. If you didn’t know any better, you would probably think it was New Orleans just looking at the photos. The beautiful brick courtyard was a perfect place for the ceremony with plenty of room to party for the reception. I think we can both say it’s one of our favorite new Mobile venues.

Photographers: All of our blog photos are now prepared with some help from our good friends over at BlogStomp. Chip has created a wonderful set of actions that will cut your blogging time drastically by sharpening and adding logos to your photos in one easy step. We’ve used BlogStomp for about 6 weeks since we redesigned our logo and we love it! Check out their website and see it for yourself!

Reception/Ceremony | Ezell House
Catering | Tyners Catering
Cake | Cakes by Judi

We’ll start with a few engagement photos from New Orleans

The woman singing on the left is a New Orleans attraction herself and has an amazing soulful voice.  It was an experience to hear her…. Nothing to see here officer…. move along. A few wedding details including that beautiful dress… The backdrops are amazing as well.  The red wallpaper in the dining room was beautiful…. Since photos were so important to Sara, she and Jonathan saw each other prior to the wedding to give us a lot more time….

The girls were sporting some bright wraps and having a lot of fun…

But the guys had their own ideas for fun portraits….

This still cracks me up looking at it.  Apparently the ring was forgotten upstairs until line-up time for the ceremony.  Sara looks so mean here, but it was pretty hilarious…

The priests were checking out the guests through the window… Two beautiful ladies right here…

That cake and the food were ridiculously amazing!

Just a wonderful ambiance as the sun was setting….

When you’re honeymooning in NYC, there’s only one way to leave a wedding!This was the first wedding we tested ShootShed on and it was a major success!


Brock and Samantha had a fantastic Southern Louisiana wedding in March.  Brock saw wedding photos that we made of a family friend here in Pensacola nearly 3 years ago and he told his mom that he wanted two things at his wedding….. A crawfish boil, and Rae Leytham Photography.  Well, he got both haha.  The funny thing about it is that he wasn’t even dating anyone at the time.  I’m picturing his first date with Samantha and Brock saying, “Hey Cutie pie, I’m going to marry you one day and we’re having a crawfish boil and Rae Leytham at our wedding.”  Samantha is such a good sport!  We really enjoyed their whole family and had a great time in Pine Prairie, LA for a couple of days at their wedding.  We had never ventured that deep into the heart of Louisiana and it was a treat for us.  We attended the rehearsal dinner and those mud bugs were as good as they look.   The wedding was full of great treats too like the Crawfish Etouffee’ made by one of LA’s finest competitors and Samantha’s blue candy bar.  Brock’s crawfish themed cake was tasty too!

We DID NOT pick up hitch hikers…. Here are a few wedding highlights. This is Brock’s grandmother’s front porch where she and his grandfather used to sit and rock before he passed.  I think we made her tear up with this one…. Samantha has Irish heritage, so they had to include a bagpiper…. The wedding party broke out their shiny “Grillz” for the reception….