We had a bridal session with Mandy a couple of months ago, so we’ll start with a few of those. We were so excited the first time we say that beautiful dress.

Mandy and her mom and Grant met with us a while back after they had met with another photographer. I think Mandy’s words to her mom were, “Rae’s gonna have a hard time beating that [other photographer].” I must have impressed them! We had an instant connection and we actually realized we have some mutual friends. Their wedding was incredibly sweet and obviously beautiful thanks to some well-chosen vendors.

One of my favorite parts of the day was the time Mandy spent with her parents while getting ready. There were tears shed by everyone in the room. Another favorite part of the day was scavenging for pretty areas of a concrete jungle!

Venue | Emerald Grande Resort
Catering | Emerald Grande Resort
Flowers and Decor’ | Celestine’s Special Occasions
Cake | Betty Weber
DJ | Paul Kirker of Gulf Talent Services

Absolutely swooning over the details from Jodie and David’s recent wedding. Fantastic job by Coastal Weddings by Victoria, Myrtie Blue, Betty Weber, and Townsend Catering.



It’s been a while since we posted an E-session, so we thought this would be the perfect opportunity. Shelley and Ryan are getting married at the Sandestin Resort in 2012, and recently made the trip from Baton Rouge for some fun at Watercolor Resort. We spent some time playing around the property on a stormy afternoon before making it down to the beach for a brilliant sunset. The sunsets this time of year are just amazing, especially during stormy weather. We really love these two and are super excited about their wedding next year. Enjoy!


Can you believe that we have the occasional person who does not hire us because we have not photographed a wedding at their venue before?  Yep, it happens. I’m here to reassure all of you that we actually thrive off new venues.  Sometimes new locations are the best because it makes us think outside the box rather than just going through the motions of all the previous weddings we’ve shot somewhere else. When we arrive at a wedding, we’re like the police looking for a crime scene. We’re examining the direction of the sun compared to the surroundings, which way the wind is blowing, and looking for those perfect sweet spots for photos. Sometimes, just when we think we’ve got it all worked out, the sky can go from cloudy to sunny or vice-versa and that immediately changes everything. In other words, we adapt to any and everything. Great wedding photos involve so much thought process at times, the actual surroundings are just a small portion of what goes into them. So, moral of the story is to never choose a photographer based on their experience at a particular wedding venue.

I went back and pulled some older wedding pics to show you some of the more extreme examples of how we can take a less than perfect situation at  a venue we had never photographed before and manipulate it into something great. These are both venues that are extremely hard to photograph.

We’ll start first with Jenna’s wedding on Pensacola Beach. The plan was to do getting ready photos and portraits at the bride’s hotel before going to an isolated beach location for the wedding. When we arrived, this was our first view of the hotel. Asphalt jungle right? Ok, this may take some creativity…..
The back of the building wasn’t much help either…..brown grass, blue umbrellas, and even a palm tree with the top cut off.
That’s when we found this… A nice little landscaped corner on the front of the building.
With the right lens choice and a little maneuvering,  this is what we were able to achieve with that little corner of landscaped heaven.

Here is another venue than can be hard to photograph. This is the Emerald Grande in Destin. It’s a beautiful resort, but it’s also a concrete jungle when it comes to the surroundings.
When our couple stayed here to get dressed and do photos before their beach wedding, we had a few minutes to make the most of the front parking area of the building. This doesn’t look very promising right?
Well, sometimes a little strip of landscaping goes a long way…. See where that light pole is?  I’m going to stand there and put our bride a little closer to those two palm trees at the end.
And this was the outcome… she has a portfolio of images that make it look like she was standing in a luscious garden.

This is what we do as professional photographers.   We take our experience and skill, and use it to deliver a great portfolio of wedding images.  While we can’t guarantee miracles every time, out track record for making things like this work is pretty darn good.  This is why we are proud to be who we are, and we hope you will give us the same opportunity for you even if we’ve never photographed your particular venue.


We don’t have to time to blog all of the family sessions we shoot, but we thought this was the perfect time to throw one in the mix.  Our friend Lucy was vacationing recently in the Sandestin area, and we had the opportunity to catch up with her and meet her family.  You see, Lucy graduated with Wes back in 19xx, (cough cough), and they were friends starting all the way back in the 3rd grade.  Yep, they even wore the same marching band uniform at one time along with Rae. We had not seen Lucy since graduating high school, but we were glad to finally catch up and meet this awesome family.

The boys were quite handsome and very entertaining….


Little Ava will have plenty of protection with those two big brothers!undefinedundefinedundefinedundefinedundefined


I’m turning over a new leaf this year. Yes, I’m saying it out loud so you can hold me to it. I’m going to blog weddings while the bride and groom are still on their honeymoon, which means within a week.  I realized this week that at least ten 2010 wedding never got blogged, and procrastination is a losing battle, so we’re going to pick up the pace and get it done this season. This will fluctuate a little when we’re on the road of course, but I will do better…. I promise 🙂


Here’s a little preview of Emily and Jim from Sandestin this past weekend with a full post coming in a couple of days!



Most people book us because of our beautiful photography, Lindsey’s mom contacted us because of my cool name.  ha!   Her mom had a list of photographers to contact, but she started with us because Lindsey’s name is Lindsey Rae.  All the cool people have Rae as their middle name, you know.  The fact that they loved our work was just icing on the cake for them!  We LOVE this family.  Lindsey and her mom are some of the kindest people we have ever met.  We started the day at the Sandestin Grand with some pre-ceremony photos and it’s such a lovely place for photos!  We ended the night there too and boy was it a night.  Those groomsmen were crazy.  The favors were chocolate cigars and homemade pickles….mmmm….it was a pregnant lady’s dream!  We are excited to show such beautiful images that were made possible because of great vendors.

Dress | Blue by Enzoni

Shoes | Kate Spade

Wedding Cake | Yasha Becker

Florals | Celestine’s

Video | Jason Avery Films

Reception | Sandestin Grand

Ceremony | Destin First United Methodist

Love, love, love this dress and shoes. Celestine’s did an amazing job on the florals as always.  This bouquet was simply elegant..The sign-in table in the church courtyard was under a tree with these beautiful, dainty flowers strung from above…Just….. WowBeautiful cake by Yasha Becker….The Groom’s cake and chocolate wedding favors were cigar themed which was a great discussion topic…The dance floor was hopping! Wes got this great shot during the toast…The sun set shortly after their ceremony, so we had to make use of some cool lighting techniques for night shots.  These ended up being some of our all time favorites…A little bling bling…Some groomsman karaoke…..And then some aggressive bouquet and garter catching ended the night on a great note!


Summer family sessions are in full force at the beach, and we have dates still available! This wonderful family visited Blue Mountain Beach in South Walton recently, and gave us lots of prettiness to photograph. The first family grandson “Jack” was the star of their session, and the apple of his grandparents eye.
Aunt Abby loves her nephew…
Of course Jack loves Grandpa too….

Santa Rosa Beach Photographer


We got a phone call a few months back from our friend Melissa at Masterpiece Weddings in Gainesville. Her best friend from Houston was coming to our beautiful beaches for her wedding, and Melissa knew we would all have a great time working together. The weather that week was horrible, but we had a some divine intervention and got an hour of dryness right around the ceremony. We had a really great time, and really enjoyed our afternoon with everyone!

061209_01Gotta love some Jimmy Choo…

061209_02I love this shot… Lauri can do serious well.


This is their son Jaxson who loved mom’s bouquet…..


He also loved all of the water puddles!




Now that is Melissa on the right.  She played Maid of Honor and officiant that day.  They are hilarious!


We crossed the very busy road from their rental house to the beach… the look says it all 🙂


Melissa did a beautiful job with these…..


Love those clouds…. I can stare at this and almost feel the stormy breeze blowing through my hair again.



Now beach weddings can be a lot of fun with your friends…..


Until somebody gets hurt!




They finished with a nice dinner at the beautiful Bistro Bijoux in Baytown Wharf…..


Destin Wedding Photographer


We had the pleasure this weekend of photographing a 50th birthday party at the elegant Bistro Bijoux restaurant in the Villages of Baytowne Wharf in Sandestin. I’m going to give you some detail overload here thanks to the beautiful work of Celestine’s in Santa Rosa Beach. We are always excited when we get to work a Celestine’s event because we are never disappointed. They did an amazing job with this room! If you are having a small wedding or event in the Destin area and need a nice restaurant with private room to seat under 30 people, I highly recommend Bistro Bijoux.


We met Brooke & Tim earlier this year thanks to Jennifer with It’s A Shore Thing. They were so laid back then and their wedding was the same. Brooke & Tim, their families, and most of their guests came from Texas to our gorgeous beaches. It was warm, but absolutely perfect for a wedding. The whole day went super smooth thanks to Jennifer and her crew! The reception was at Finz restaurant in the Sandestin Resort and the wedding was on the beach right outside from Finz. Celestine’s (the florist) did a fabulous job with the flowers and the beach set up. The ribbons leading to the ceremony site were so great. The reception was nice too. There was 3 flavors yummy cupcakes and at 10pm warm cinnamon rolls were served. Then the real festivities began. The karaoke machine was turned on and there was some serious singing. I was so happy that most of the songs were from the 80’s and I knew all the words!!

Tim was looking dashing…

Brooke was sporting the Wow factor herself…..

Here we go…

The ceremony decor’ was FANTASTIC

Typical amazing details from Celestine’s and Jennifer…..

They had a great rehearsed first dance to Elvis….

And then the “Backstreet Boys” showed up a little later!