My child is shy or doesn't like their photo taken. Is that a problem?

The photo above is a progression of about 20 minutes. We when started the session, this handsome fella wanted nothing to do with having his photo taken. Kids can be tough, but rarely do we have a child that won't give us something you will love. Since there are two of us at a session, Rae has a way of warming up with kids and getting grins while Wesley is ready and waiting to take the shot during the quickest of smiles. Be warned that this may involve tickling and funny faces.

We're having beach photos. Do you recommend white and khaki?

While white and khaki are traditionally the first colors people think of for beach potraits, nothing photographs prettier than subtle pops of color. You do not have to match! Pick one or two colors that look good together and then ask everyone to coordinate with different shades and even patterns of that color. Above you will see shades of aqua, teal, and navy with solids, stripes, and paisley.

How long do photo sessions last?

That depends on the number of people in the session. For less than 12 people, most sessions can be anywhere from 45 mins - 1 hour. For 12-20 people, you're probably looking at closer to 1 hr and 20 mins. Small children have the least tolerance and shortest patience window, so we try to get everything with them in it first in case they don't make it until the end of the session.

How do we view our photos? Do you offer specials or purchase discounts?

After your session, we upload your files to an online gallery you can share with your friends and family so that anyone can view and order prints. We offer the digital files for free with a minimum print purchase or you can buy the files without prints. The prices vary according to the number of people in your session, so please inquire for more details. If you would like a 10% discount on your print order, we can do an in-person, no pressure sales meeting after your session and help you with your order. We come to you if you're on vacation and it takes as little as an hour or as long as you need. Our goal is to help you get the products you want and not waste your vacation time. Send us a photo of the wall from your home that you want to hang photos on before your session, and we can show you virtually what your order will look like before you purchase.

If we buy the digital files, do we all get a copy? Can we print them?

Absolutely! We do a lot of portrait sessions with large families and you are more than welcome to split the costs and the files. If you decide to purchase your digital files, we will upload the high-res printable images to a dropbox and send you the link to download them right to your computer with one click. No waiting for discs in the mail, and you can easily share the link with everyone in the family to download their own at home as well. A copy of the limited print release allowing you to print the files for personal use will be included in the download.

Do you sell prints and canvases?

Absolutely! We use high-quality labs and provide a full range of products from canvases to metal prints. We even have a software that will allow us to import a photo of your wall that you email us so that we can show you arrangments and sizes to scale of any wall art you want to order. See how it looks scaled to size in your own home before you commit to buy.

What does it cost to reserve my session? What about rain?

We stay booked almost every afternoon during the summer and require a $100 retainer for your session at time of booking. You are welcome to pay by check or credit card with the remainder of your balance due at your session. In the unfortunate event of a rainout on the day of your session, we can attempt to work you in on a different afternoon the same week or refund your retainer. In 2013 it rained nearly every afternoon in the summer and we only had one session that we were not able to reschedule.

Who will our photographer be?

We are not one of these high volume photography companies who send inexperienced photographers to your session. If you book with us, Rae and Wes will be the ones photographing your family unless other arrangements with one of our well trained and trusted associates have been made and you are well aware at the time of booking. We take quality seriously and would never send someone less than stellar to represent our brand.