Wesley FAQ

Favorite food: I'll probaly have to go "sushi" on this one. I could eat it every day.

Favorite drink: I don't drink much, but I'll never turn down an occasional good cigar. If I do drink, it usually involves sipping a good rye whiskey and some bitters. I love a good Old Fashion as much as Don Draper.

Favorite way to relax or vacation: That's a hard one. Right now I'm really into cruising, but I also love to get lost in National Parks out West with my camera. Anywhere with peace and quiet along with some good food is where it's at.

Favorite hobby outside of work: Boating for sure.

Something people may not know about me: I used to race sailboats competatively. I've competed in offshore regattas on sailboats as large as 40'.

A destination wedding location I hope to shoot one day: Santorini, Greece. It just looks amazing.

What career would I choose other than photography if I got a second chance? Definitly a pilot. I could spend every day in the cockpit of a commercial plane crossing the country.