Beach Portrait FAQ's

what colors should i wear for beach photos?

Where will our beach session take place?

I’m often asked by clients what they should wear for their beach sessions. My question back to you is....what is your plan for the images?  Do you intend on displaying a large print or canvas on your wall?  If so, you should consider your home's decor and colors.  Neutrals such as white, cream, ivory, khaki, and tan will complement most homes.  If your home is neutral, soft and muted colors would stand out a bit without being distracting.  Maybe shades of blue and aqua will work in your home and bring out the beautiful aqua water behind you.  I say neutrals and soft coastal colors are ideal, but you should wear what fits your family's personality.

I will look for places near your rental property and make suggestions based on where you are staying.  If your closest beach is known to be heavily crowded, I will recommend an alternate location.  We do have some state park options (with a small entrance fee) and many public beaches if the access near you isn't ideal.

are there certain colors we should avoid?

Black, red, and neon colors are usually too much for our serene beaches.  Neon colors can be fun, but you won't think that when the sun reflects off that pretty neon green top and you end up with a lime green chin and neck!  Once again, if any of these colors are your thing, do it.  You need to be happy!

What about bright colored clothing?

I personally feel like bright colors are distracting against our sugar-white sands, but you really should do what is fitting for your family.  If bright colors suit your family, go for it.  I would stick with one bright color and choose other colors to complement that one color.

are there certain clothing styles we should avoid?

should we wear shoes for beach photos?

I love ruffles on dresses, but if your session happens to be on a breezy day, you will be battling those ruffles.  Dealing with blowing hair AND a ruffle flying in your face can create quite a challenge.  Full wrap dresses can also cause a little drama if the wind catches it just right!  Large bib-collared shirts on children can also create challenges in the wind as the collars will blow straight up and hide their adorable faces.

Should we wear shoes for a beach photos?

No way!  Get the sand in your toes!  Shoes on the beach can be quite distracting and can date a photo.  I do have some clients who refuse to take their shoes know...your Grandpa with his compression socks!  If someone wants to leave their shoes on, these are your photos, leave your shoes on!

What if it's windy on the day of our session?

what if it's raining on the day of our session?

I will reach out to you that day if I feel the wind will be an issue.  If we decide to cancel due to wind, I will refund your retainer.  I don't mind "going for it" if you want to!  I've had some pretty happy clients despite the crazy wind.  I can also offer alternative locations to avoid some of the wind or we can just make the best of it.  Obviously, long hair can be an issue in the wind and sometimes even short hair can blow around and look crazy.  My goal is to get you great images from your session and I will definitely do my best to achieve that.

You don't know how stressful it is to watch the rain forecast and radar for photo sessions.  A half mile can make the difference in a rain out or a gorgeous session around here!  I know you want photos and I want to give you photos.  I will watch the forecast throughout the day to determine if we should try to meet early or move locations or wait it out and possibly do a shorter session pushing into sunset.  I will communicate via text with you on the day of your session if we have rain in the forecast.  If it is a complete rain-out, we can cancel (your money will be refunded), we can move to another day (if available), or we can move to sunrise (if you agree to that torture).  Again, I want to do your session so I will do everything I can to make it happen.

what if my child is being a complete grump on our session day?

Then we need to capture it so they can ask in 15 years, "why was I so grumpy" and you can say "because you were a two-year-old mini terrorist who didn't care that we paid for professional photos!"  It's rare that I don't get a few good images of even the grumpiest kids.  Just relax (easier said than done) and let me see what I can do.  If your grump is in the 5-9 range, let me work some magic.  I have a way to get some good images of some difficult kids.  But, please don't threaten or berate or be harsh with them at the session.  I'm not judging me....I have 3 VERY dramatic daughters who turned my hair gray well before it's time!  Your stress will cause you to be more upset and can also cause the little ones to retreat and be even more challenging.  Let me see what I can might be surprised!  If your little one is under 5, we don't expect perfection, but I bet I will surprise you in the end!

what should we not do before our session?

You should not put lotion on your legs and feet just before your session.  Our powdery white sand will stick to your freshly-moistened skin and will drive you crazy.  I promise your dry skin and ashy legs will not be noticed in photos!