While our style has evolved over the years, our commitment to providing our clients with beautiful, ready to print digital files has not. Digital photography has provided us many opportunities to photograph in ways that were not possible with film, however that does come with some extra work on the back end once your photographs are downloaded onto our hard drives. Digital cameras have to interpret several different aspects every time we take a photo, from the different light sources in the room to exposing the clouds in the sky during beach portraits. While today's cameras are amazing at what they do, there's always room for improvement. We hand touch and process every photo we deliver to our clients. For weddings with 900-1300 images, this can be a daunting task. However, we know clients want to receive digital files that are at their best visually and ready to print. This is part of our commitment and dedication to you that defines our style. Sometimes all a photo needs is a little white balance, sometimes in dark environments it needs the exposure tweaked a little. In the end, our goal is to deliver an image that looks exactly as it did to the eye or maybe even better. Below are a few examples of how an image came out of the camera, and then how it was delivered to the client after some Rae Leytham mojo.


Old churches and cathedrals are beautiful, but many times they are full of dingy lighting and dark. A little processing on this photo from Christ Church Cathedral in Mobile allowed us to even out all the different lighting color tones and brighten everything. This is now a beautiful image that will be stunning in a wedding album

There's nothing like Fall in the south, and this tree was a beautiful backdrop for a couple's portrait. A little Rae Leytham Mojo in Adobe Lightroom allowed us to make this couple pop while also keeping the richness of the colors in those beautiful red leaves of the tree behind them.

In another photo from Christ Church Cathedral in Mobile, you can see once again how we took a photo with less than perfect church lighting and evened out the multiple lighting situations to allow this photo of our bride Susannah to shine as dad flipped her veil.

In this photo from a wedding at The Pearl in Rosemary Beach, you can see how it looked great out of camera, but with a little work we brightened our couple's skin tones and darkened that beautiful palm a little in the bottom left corner. This allows our couple to be the focus of the photo and draw your attention while the foreground fades away.

We love natural light, especially during getting ready photos, but there's a balance between getting the proper exposure and not getting too much window light that would cause an unwanted flare on our beautiful bride. Here's an example of how an image like this is polished and brightened after it leaves our camera before it's delivered to the client.